Churubusco United Methodist Church
The first church building of a local Methodist Church was built in 1848 at Concord Corners in Smith Township.  The distance of this location from Franklin-Union (Churubusco’s former name) prompted a new congregation to form and begin meeting at a school building on South Main Street in Franklin-Union. 
At the end of the Civil War in 1865, a decision was made to erect a church on North Main Street to handle the population growth (part of this building now houses the Bible Believer’s Church).  The new church was home to three congregations:  The United Brethren (established in Churubusco approximately in 1874 by three returning Civil War soldiers, two Caucasians and one African American), Methodist Episcopal and Baptist.  Eventually the Methodist Episcopal and Baptist congregations relocated.  Those assigned to work with the Methodist congregations were circuit riders and later ordained ministers. 
In November 1917 the Methodist congregation (later to be named Faith Methodist Church) moved to a modern brick building located near the center of town.  Currently this building is home to St. John Bosco Catholic Church.  The United Brethren and Episcopal churches survived through the depression and many other difficult times due to strong faith and dedicated parishioners. 
In 1939 the Methodist Episcopal, Methodist Episcopal South and Methodist Protestant churches merged to form the Methodist Church.  Seven years later, the Evangelical United Brethren Church was formed when Evangelical and United Brethren churches merged.
By 1956, the buildings that housed the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren congregations were becoming too small to house their growing needs.  The Evangelical United Brethren congregation moved to the north edge of Churubusco at a site that would allow for continuing growth.  In November 1960, a dedication was held for the new education unit, which included classrooms, a kitchen and a fellowship hall.  At that time the fellowship hall was used as a sanctuary pending the construction of a sanctuary for this congregation.
The Methodist Church was also making plans in 1960 to undergo expansion, remodeling or relocation, whichever seemed to best coincide with their financial situation.  In 1968 the answer for both churches’ expansion needs evolved.  After much study and careful planning, the Evangelical United Brethren and the Methodist Church merged to form the Churubusco United Methodist Church.  The new church would be located at the north church site, 750 North Main Street.
On a Sunday in January 1971, a ceremony commenced with the north church members marching downtown and uniting with the Methodist members.  A farewell service was held at the Methodist Church and the new congregation along with Nazarene and Catholic congregations marched back to the north church for a uniting ceremony. 
The cornerstone for the present sanctuary of the Churubusco United Methodist Church was finally laid in September 1974.  One year later the new addition was dedicated.